Download Bot Pokemon Go for PC

Download Bot Pokemon Go for PC

Download Pokemon BOT GO beforehand. (Download link is at the end of posts)
Extract the files it in the computer folder you anywhere.
Run Necrobot.exe.
After that the program will close itself. Please open the Config folder will display the file Auth.Json and Config.Json
Edit Auth.Json file with notepad or notepad ++ google account input / PTC you. remember writing should be enclosed with quotation marks, as an example.
"AuthType": "google",
"GoogleRefreshToken": null,
"PtcUsername": null,
"PtcPassword": null,
"GoogleUsername": "hello123456"
"GooglePassword", "password"
Edit Config.Json file with notepad and adjust to the setting you want.
To determine the latitude and longitude coordinates of the point open your browser and then visit then select where you want. Then right-click and select what's here / what's here?
If you have finished please save and rerun Necrobot.exe

[PTC Login / Google]
[Get Map Objects and Inventory]
[Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns]
[Farm pokestops]
[Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood]
[Throw Berries/use best pokeball]
[Transfers duplicate pokemons]
[Evolve all pokemons]
[Throws away unneeded items]
[Humanlike Walking]
[Configurable Custom Pathing]
[Softban bypass]
[AutoUpdate / VersionCheck]
[Multilanguage Support]
[Use lucky egg while evolve]
[Egg Hatching Automatically]
[Multi bot support]
[Snipe pokemon]
[Power-Up pokemon]

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