Film Where Is My Romeo (2015) Full Movie

Film Where Is My Romeo (2015) Full Movie

How the story of Carrie continuation of the journey to find his idol Romeo in Verona after knowing Demas and Alexa married, first of all he broke contact with Demas and try to forget all the memories. he went on a trip in Verona. Shocking news comes from a letter Romeo, who asked when the show met in Venice Carnivale. He began to open his heart back and his mind again and decided to meet Romeo, but the person who found it was Paul the younger brother of Demas itself, Hearts Carrie felt deceived and disappointed, Events storm in the mountains of snow made Carri met Paul back, in a state of fear Paul was beside Carrie and help, which made them both to be in a cabin one night. Paul a novelist. Carrie took a bet on a bet, he stated that love is just a mere suggestion, not a destiny as a trusted Carrie. To prove it, Paul believes he can change the Carrie of hate into love with him. Finally Paul could melt the heart of Carrie, Carriepun already had to return to Jakarta, Carrie and Paul was doing LDR. Meanwhile, Demas find a letter which turned Alexa stored in a box musix Romeo and Juliet, which contains a secret agreement between Alexa and Paul. A novel by Paul finally published. Carrie is already convinced that Paul was destined for her Romeo got a big surprise that hurts ...

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